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Fornicating for God

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

As the case of a snatched Mormon girl from Salt Lake City unfolds, polygamists along the Arizona-Utah border face legal scrutiny
By John Dougherty
Published on March 20, 2003

The leader of a renegade branch of the Mormon Church, now 47, had sexual relations with an underage girl who bore him a daughter in July 2000, records obtained by New Times indicate.

Eyes Wide Shut

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

From Governor Janet Napolitano down, Arizona authorities have protected polygamous sexual predators with their indifference
By John Dougherty
Published on August 07, 2003

“This is laughable,” scoffs CindiNannetti, Maricopa County’s sex-crimes bureau chief, as she finishes reading a three-page report prepared by the Colorado City Police Department — an agency controlled by fundamentalist Mormon polygamists along the Arizona-Utah border

Cover-Up (Arizona Attorney General internal memo)

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Arizona faces a “Waco-level” threat from Mormon fundamentalists.
By John Dougherty
Published on October 03, 2002

Arizona Attorney General Janet Napolitano’s office is covering up information documenting extensive and ongoing criminal activity including rape, incest, assault, kidnapping, forced marriages of underage girls, weapons violations and welfare fraud that is rampant in the remote polygamous community of Colorado City, state records obtained by New Times reveal.

Reporter Mike Watkiss confronts Ross LeBaron with incest allegations.

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

LeBaron Incest Letter to Family Members

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Dear Family Members,

We now know for a fact that members of our immediate family are involved in incest.  We have been suspicious for years, but believed that incest was unlikely. However, new and disturbing evidence obligated us to find a definitive answer; therefore, we conducted DNA testing.

The DNA test proved that our sister’s son is without any doubt a product of incest. His Y chromosome is exactly the same as ours. Given that other children were born under equally suspicious circumstances, we assume that these children are products of incest as well.  Substantial evidence indicates, and we are personally convinced, that our dad (Ross Wesley LeBaronJr), two of our brothers, and three of our sisters have engaged in incestuous relations.

We recently confronted these members of our family and although they never made any direct admissions of incestuous behavior, they did, in fact, adamantly defend the practice. Also, through a number of statements made to us, they confirmed our suspicions that our dad and oldest sister have been engaging in an incestuous relationship for many years.

We tried through reason, logic and scientific research, to persuade them to end their destructive beliefs and practice.  Our efforts were to no avail. We are left with public exposure as our best hope.  We very much dislike having to take actions against our family, but we believe it is absolutely necessary to expose them and put an end to this outrageous, immoral, and destructive conduct.

Our primary goal is to protect our youngest brother and sister, who are in danger of eventually being compelled to participate in this heinous lifestyle.  It is our sincere hope that we can help and provide them with the opportunity for a better life.

We hope and pray that our dad, brothers and sisters might come to understand that their deluded and pernicious philosophy and belief system is simply unnatural, genetically destructive and immoral, and that they will put an end to the damage being done to their posterity.

With love sincerely,

Alaric C, LeBaron
David Uri LeBaron
Elend S, LeBaron

LeBaron Incest Bill

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Elend’s incest bill is due to come up before the legislature soon. 

Today’s Spectrum. 

Forbidden Fruit

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Inbreeding among polygamists along the Arizona-Utah border is producing a caste of severely retarded and deformed children
By John Dougherty
Published on December 29, 2005

Fifteen years ago, a strange-looking child suffering from severe physical maladies and acute retardation was brought into the office of Dr. Theodore Tarby.

A father marries his daughters: a case of incestuous polygamy

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Polygamy is a risk factor for incest. This case report of incest and polygamy portrays the dynamics that dominated this family’s identity. The father indoctrinated and groomed his biological daughter and stepdaughter for sexual gratification in a cult-like atmosphere, and secretly married both of them. He justified his acts to the family members under the guise of religion, but he later denied allegations of polygamy and sexual contact with his daughters when confronted by the authorities. Ultimately, his parental rights were terminated in family court. The authors interviewed the primary victim and reviewed extensive evidence, including videotapes of the victims talking with detectives and also privately amongst each other. Videotape dialogue excerpts capture how these young girls individually coped with the sexual abuse and responded to becoming child wives in a polygamous family. Criminal charges ultimately were not pursued because the key witness refused to testify against her biological father.